Direct Primary Care in North Durham- NOW OPEN!

Everyone deserves high-quality healthcare that is:





What’s Old is New Again!

Back in the day, you were able to develop a close relationship with your doctor and felt like you were listened to. Your visits weren’t rushed, you were always able to see your doctor, and you didn’t end up with unexpected bills afterwards for things your insurance company didn’t cover. You probably miss those days. Doctors do too! The solution: Direct Primary Care!

Check out this video for an overview of Direct Primary Care:

How are we different?

AccessiBull Healthcare does not accept insurance so you won’t have a middle-man involved in your primary care. Instead, patients pay a monthly membership fee and receive all the primary care they need, when they need it! We also realize being healthy is more than treating disease, so our members have longer visits so that we can actually discuss prevention and lifestyle changes, and they have access to nutrition counseling and fitness coaching

Decisions about your healthcare will be made by you and your doctor. Our patients enjoy primary care office visits with no co-pays, direct communication with their doctor via phone, e-mail, text, and much more. It’s time to revolutionize your healthcare. For more information about membership benefits, click here.